Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the girls night in

As I sit here at work struggling to find anything remotely interesting to do in this cold, windy torrential rain, I decided to share my favourite things to do on a cosy night in!

Life in the fast lane can leave burn marks on the soul, and I'm definitely due for a nice Friday night in. Who ever mentioned living fast and dying young clearly didn't mind the eyelid-tugging sleep depravity, money burning and moodiness that goes along with it.

The last straw for me was dreaming I was glued to a rat wheel and couldn't get off. I pedalled so furiously to keep up that I woke up even more exhausted!

Living fast is great, only if you get to have a slow night every now and then, and balance out your lifestyle.

Tips for a good night in:

Don't be afraid to say 'no' to invitations that arise throughout the night. Set out to do what you have decided to do.


My personal favourites include

- Fluffy new Grosby slippers called “hoodies for your feet”. They are $30, but priceless for the warmth and snugglies they provide!

- A bottle of red wine / pink sparkling to go with fruit

- A good movie or TV series. Some of my guilty pleasures include...
Sex and the City
Mean Girls
White Oleander (but the book is way better)
Romy and Michelle's high school reunion
How to lose a guy in 10 days
Devil Wears Prada (but the book is way better)
The Notebook (when you just want to cry! I myself like to keep my mascara on the top half of my face, so this generally gets a miss)

- Making a nice dish like banoffee pie:
2 packets oreos in a food processor to make the base
1 tin of Caramel top 'n fill over the oreo base
2 bananas thickly sliced and placed over the caramel
thickened cream on top. It is the secret to happiness, from me to you friends.


A Friday night that is enjoyable, light on the wallet, and won’t have you waking up with tired rumbly eyes!

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