Monday, May 31, 2010

How Embarrassment!

After an interesting weekend of embarrassment, tears and laughter, I got to thinking about the difficult social situations we regularly find ourselves in.

A wise musician once said to me, ‘It is not the problems we face that mould us, it is how we deal with them.’ He went on to say that sometimes the metaphorical poo has to hit the fan, so we have the opportunity to test our strength.

Who knows? Maybe I developed my own wisdom after falling heels-over-speaker into a live band this weekend, and hitting my head on some life experience?

 Picture this: you’re feeling hot and dancing at the front of a large crowd, booty shaking away, when suddenly you lose your balance and fall backwards over a feedback speaker and into the lead singer. Your best spread eagle is now on display for 100 strangers, till a friend fishes you out while the lead singer laugh-sings the rest of the set.

You can either
a.          A.  Cry- (not a fan of this one. I prefer my mascara on the eyes, not running down my neck)
b.     B.  Be brave. Just keep on dancing and brush it off
c.     C.  Giggle, pretend nothing happened, but slowly make for the front door.
d.     D.  Laugh at yourself and tell everybody
e.     E. Yell at someone so it looks like their fault

It wasn’t the situation that formed me (even though it was the funniest and most embarrassing moment of my life), maybe it was the way I dealt with it that showed what I was like. I was a C / D combo to be quite honest.
Haven’t you ever been on a first date, when the waitress spills coffee on your date, or their car breaks down, or they step in not-so-metaphorical poo, and you hold your breath to anticipate their reaction? Are they going to yell at the waitress, get a bout of road rage or have the ‘poos’ all evening?
And you pray to whoever is listening that they have a good giggle, say “no dramas” and brush it off, so that your crush doesn’t turn into a crash. These are the tests we all face, and the way we handle them shows people who we are under the surface.

In conversation, if someone bad mouths a person to me, I can’t help but wonder what they are saying about me. It then dawned on me that people probably think the same of me- and I know I can bodge up and say something mean every now and then just like anyone else.

It's Monday, aka end of blog time- short and sweet lovers xxx.
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  1. hahhahhahaa you write really well- I can't wait to see what you write next!
    I was giggling at work for everyone to hear!!!