Thursday, May 27, 2010

Things to pack on a Weekend Away

I finally admit how forgetful I am, and so begins the need to become a list maker. In excited anticipation of my weekend away with my friends, I decided to get more organised than Jlo in The Wedding Planner.
In true female tradition, it seems no matter how long we go away for, we always pack like we're not coming back. If you're anything like me, there is always something vital you forget to take. My furthest-from-fondest memory would have to be the Melbourne trip of 1998 where I had forgotten underwear and didn't want to admit it and look like a noob...

It was an interesting week!

So to save myself, and other prospective trip-goers, I comprised a fool proof list of things to pack on a trip away- including everything for an empty apartment where I will be staying soon =)

- Loofah
- Toothbrush / paste
- Shampoo / Conditioner in mini bottles
- all make-up necessities
- Cleanser / Toner
- Moisturiser
- Sun screen

Layers can always prepare you for whatever weather comes your way
- Singlets x 2
- Cardigans x 2
- Jeans x 1
- Tights x 1
- Dresses x 2
- Underwear and Bras (see introduction for importance!)
- Socks
- PYJAMAS (remember this time!)
- Robe (if there's room)
- Swimming costume x 2

- CAMERA and charger
- Plastic bags for dirty clothes. They always come in handy for random things
- Hair Straightener / Curler
- Beach Towel
- Bath Towel
- Linen (if not supplied)
- Wine / Alcohol

Depending on the relevance to your holiday, it might be beneficial to bring:
- Laptop and charger
- USB with all your movies on it
- Books- I love Paullina Simons: The Bronze Horseman NOTE: in case of emergency only. Socialise where possible on this trip- it will be far more memorable!
- Plastic ware e.g. cups, spoons, fork, knives, shot glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes

I can't even make a light LIST, let alone pack light! With all these things, you'll definitely be set for at least a month! (depending on your underwear supply of course- we don't want a Melbourne 1998 repeat).

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