Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Thrills

We’re bound by a world in which routine is a god forsaken need that rules us. We may not be as bad as Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, where having guests over threatens his morning bathroom schedule (7am – 7:20am) but monotony gets us all.

Maybe this creates our need for little thrills. Maybe we really do just need to shake things up with a bit of drama every once in a while.

From breaking at the last second at a red light, to teenage boys playing chicken on the highway, little thrills are our secret small pleasures throughout the day.

You’re merging onto the motorway when the truck starts to accelerate. You
a.  Play it safe and stop, even though you probably have room
b.  Slam on the accelerator and zoom in front. YES I made it mother F&^%er!
You let go of a breath you didn’t know you were holding and there it is: the little thrill that suprises even you. It feels gooood.

Little thrills, I’ve discovered, is the reason why very smart people sometimes do VERY stupid things.

It’s the thing that makes you wait to text someone back, knowing they're waiting, and giggle when they text a second time.

It’s the thing that keeps your face book window open at work until you feel the boss’ retched breath on your shoulder.

It’s the thing on a Saturday night that says “Come on, you can have another shot” even though your up-chuck reflex is screaming ‘please God, not another work out’.
Somehow, after screwing up your face till you resemble an Alien that loves sour lemons, you manage to keep it down, and then comes the little thrill that excites you so.

And just like the New Age Dating Bible (He’s just not that into you) states:

                    Guys invented the "spark" so they could
                    not call and treat you kind of bad and
                    keep you guessing, and then convince you
                    that the anxiety and fear that it creates
                    in you is actually a "spark." And you
                    all buy it. You love it. You all thrive
                    on it because you all love drama.

Dear Gigi’s of the world, call me your Alex ;). He’s right. We all thrive on paying our bills last minute, and subtly rebelling in a not so rebel way. 
A woman will fret over a date, even if it was only average, and a man has his comforting ego to tell him there will always be a younger, perkier version around the corner.
Girls LOVE little dramas, this is true. Men do too, but they just cover it in gift wrap and call it an "adrenaline rush" for the masculine. Aside from driving too fast, and smelling too foul, it's exactly the same thing.


Have you ever wondered why t.v shows like Home and Away and Neighbours are so popular?
It's every day people with an accelerated amount of drama, raging fires, hospitalisations and infidelity that we can then gossip about. It's fun!

Ever found yourself throwing a dirty look and then telling people all about it? That would be that little voice in your head that says "Self- I am bored. Let's cause some trouble"

In men, it may come in the form of flirting with a woman that's taken, or flirting when he himself is taken. Aside from the fact that it's the biggest ego boost since man created steroids, it's just another way to get a little bit of drama to keep life a little interesting.

Next time you find yourself expelling that little breath of air you didn't know was there, think of me, and those little thrills we all secretly love!

<3 Miss Communication

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  1. Wow, thankyou for putting such a different view on the everyday thrills we take. i had never thought of it in that way before. LOL at the Sheldon Copper example from The Big Bang Theory.
    I absolutely LOVE this article.