Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Drum Roll

I have learnt to put my job into perspective. I know never to let the client's panic phase me. I can't get stressed over every single conference or wedding or birthday, because there will always be another one to run, another guest stuck in a lift, another stupid cow that doesn't understand the fifth time you say I. NEED. CREDIT. CARD. DETAILS. ON. FILE. TO. CONFIRM. YOUR. EVENT.... TWAT.

But there is always the nerves. That buzzing feeling when you're waiting for the bride to arrive so you can get the ball rolling, enter the new married couple into the softly lit Ballroom and let the night begin. Will I drop the cake? Will the chef burn all of the entrees? Will the DJ show up naked? Will he be really cute and will I want to see him naked?

I love that moment before a First Date. It's that scary adrenaline you get from being able to reinvent yourself; show yourself in any light.

Then there comes the nerves, waiting for them to call and give you feedback. Did he like what he saw? Was I amazingly charming? Is he in love with me yet or is he still in the head space of Studs, Tools and the Family Jewels?

I have a new rule. There are three days after a date when you can allow yourself free reign to wear
The Rose Coloured Sunglasses. Get googlie eyes because he's so lovely, picture all of the scenarios; the future dates that might not happen, the things that you will say, where you might go, how he might be your new George Clooney, (but a little needier.)

It's scary to put yourself out there. It takes a certain kind of bravery to be willing to get disappointed all over again, but if you want to meet someone, you have to take the risk. You might have a good time, but you have to be willing to expose yourself to marginal douchebaggery in the process.

If they don't show enough interest in those three days... or a week... or two weeks...
Set him free. Delete all traces of his number... except for the emergency one hidden in your notes - just in case. (again breaking my rule and starting a sentence with because) Because, even though it took me 4 viewings of He's Just Not That Into You and a bucket of Ben & Jerry's (which is my complete Jesus right now), there are no reasons aside from the big one - He really just isn't that into you.

Always learn more, I say. Always attend. Always let go, and always jump in.

That's the thing about the drum roll; there can always be another. You just have to be at the show.

Lining up for a new Premier,

<3 Miss Coordinate


  1. I would definitely take you out on a date. And then another. And then another.
    I just hope this guy doesn't call you back so I might get the chance one day!