Monday, June 7, 2010

Driving Us Crazy

After changing my morning travel routine from public transport to driving in peak hour traffic, I came to observe how traffic and road rage brings out the worst of our personalities.
I am quite confident when I state that I never talked to myself until I was in the car alone for long periods of time. I know I do it, I’ve seen you do it, so here’s how we identify it. Popular examples may include

- Yelling out all the unconventional ways you think the other person got their license
- Wishing for a loudspeaker so they can actually hear you yelling “are you DRUNK?”
- Stating “bet you they’re Asian!!!” when there is only yourself to bet
- Contemplating / muttering all the ways you could get away with hurting them
- Forgetting there are other people in the car and putting them in mental / physical harm
- The passengers would rather commando roll out of your moving vehicle than deal with another fit

When the craziness of driving triggers the craziness within, it can turn an equal rights activist into a racist, and a green peace volunteer the same green of the hulk. It got me wondering; maybe we’re all a little crazy!

For some it’s bad drivers, for others like my mother it’s a grand mixture of loud noises, small spaces, big crowds, a smudge on the carpet, being rushed, others going too slow, an unmade bed, yelling, whispering, a dish in the sink, general human error and on the odd occasion, men’s facial hair, clingy men, cat hair, dog hair, dirt in general, people breathing erratically.
From breathing to cheating, no matter what it takes, everyone has at least one thing that makes them tick.

Some people can be so sensitive; you’d have better luck not getting burnt in an attempt to catch a falling hair curler (on high). Warning: chances are slim to none.

For some people, only being sensitive to one trigger is bad enough. I call these people the Morphers. They turn from Tweety bird to T-Rex in 0.5 seconds as they roar at that guy that merged without looking. The face goes red, the eyes swirl green and their fist grip the wheel so hard it buckles. As they turn the corner, they continue to happily sing along to the radio, until the next event occurs. This is a great indicator of the Morpher effect.

Even beautiful people, with hair that glistens in the rain like a nose hair after a sneeze, have triggers that turn them senseless.
What’s yours?

<3 Miss Communication

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  1. You mentioned the Hulk! Oh my gosh. What am I doing to you? Haha.
    My trigger would be just inconsiderate fools. Everyone's on the road, so let's share it. Let someone merge, and the person behind you will do the same. Pay it forward, people!